Frequently Asked Questions

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What the defferent betwen full and lite version?

If you use the LITE version, then you can get features for a simple and full performance scheme on the mobile app. Meanwhile, if you use the full version, you will get a website version that has project management on it.

Who can use this application?

Users are companies or agencies that need applications to manage the work and performance of their teams or employees. Both private and government can use this application. For those of you who have a small business with a small team, you can use the free version which is simpler.

How is this application useful when Work From Home?

The answer is very useful! Why? because there is a check-in feature for users to track work location and time tracking for working time in WFH. Automatically doing WFH will be recorded while actively working at home.

Is this application paid?

This application can be used free of registration fees, if you use as a small team we provide free access to the features used. If you are a professional with a company that you manage, you can use the premium and paid versions. This application also has a version for middle and upper business, with more detailed features in the project and CRM schemes.